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The Apurva History

Apurva India Pvt. Ltd. made a very modest beginning in 1992 when our first plant was set-up. The company started manufacturing various Acid Resistant Cements and Coatings, which were required to be used in the contracts undertaken. It started as an extension of contracting arm to manufacture products for captive consumption. Soon new products were developed for various applications of protecting building surfaces. They were for waterproofing, floor coating, tank linings and external coatings.

The company expanded rapidly by adopting new products and application technology to provide effective solutions to various industries. The Company has presence in almost all segments of construction industry in India . It also expanded its operations internationally in various countries.

The Production

We have our manufacturing facility in MIDC Tarapur, 125 km from Mumbai. The factory is equipped with state of the art production and testing equipments and has a production capacity of 6000 MT per annum. It also has state of the art laboratory for quality control and product development.

In 2009 we commissioned our second factory in SEZ Indore for supplies to our International customers. This plant has increased our production capacity by an addition of another 6000 MT per annum. We intend to start our 3rd manufacturing plant by the end of 2015. This is expected to increase our production capacity by nearly three times.

Research & Development

We have a dedicated team to develop new products, upgrade the existing products and develop new applications based on the feedback from the customers about their requirements.

Technical Services

Our technical team has vast onsite experience of application of our products. They assist clients in designing, selecting, specification framing and site execution of various systems. They have at their disposal modern equipments like Vacuum Assisted Shot Blasting machine, Hot Compressed Air Blasting machine, Diamond and Tungsten Carbide Surface Grinders, Power Trowel etc.