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Car Park Coating

Car park Coatings

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Elastomeric Waterproofing & Car Park Coating

  1. Excellent U. V. Resistance
  2. Excellent Breathability
  3. Excellent Color Retention
  4. Excellent Durability
  5. Excellent Weatherability
  6. Resistant to Dirt Pick Up
  7. It forms a very smooth and hard waterproof film.
  8. Good fungus resistance
  9. As it is waterborne it is environment and user friendly.
  10. Elastomeric Film keeps the cracks in the walls covered.
  11. Very high stain resistance.


Acrylic Weatherproofing & Car Park Coating

  1. It forms a smooth and durable film
  2. Fungus Control - Due to incorporation of highly effective broad spectrum of fungicide, it offers long term protection against fungal growth.
  3. UV Resistance - It is completely resistant to UV radiation.
  4. Excellent Breathability - Coating is permeable to water vapour.
  5. No chalking and peeling.


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